in Lugano

Pia Schweitzer

Flight Attendant (19, joined SWISS in 2016)

Pia loves travelling, and going to far-off countries while on duty with SWISS. But Switzerland, her home, is also an incredibly varied destination. "Italian-speaking Switzerland and Lugano have so much to offer. The city is one of my absolute favourites, especially in spring or summer." SWISS offers flights to Lugano all year round, which makes it a fabulous destination for a day or weekend trip.

Charming Lugano is in the Italian-speaking canton Ticino, and along with Zurich and Geneva is one of Switzerland's leading financial centres. It is situated on the Lago di Lugano, where the water temperature can rise to 23 degrees in summer. Thanks to the Italian flair, wonderful restaurants, bars and boutiques, a holiday atmosphere is guaranteed in Lugano.




What could be more wonderful than admiring a town from above? Round trips are offered from the tiny airport in Lugano. "As well as the fabulous views of the town, you can also admire the beautiful snow-covered Swiss mountains, such as the Matterhorn, the 'Mountain of mountains'. It's something else!"


After the bird's-eye view of the town, it's time to head for the bustle. The Antonio Bossi fountain is the perfect spot to start a city tour. "The fountain is lovely – you really must see it. It's also a lovely spot to relax in summer and catch some rays."


When the first hunger pangs start to make themselves felt, the Street Food Festival is just the thing. "It offers delicious foods from all over the world. Bars, DJs and bands provide a super atmosphere all day long!" The numerous food stands offer international delights, and with such a fabulous selection of tasty treats, there's guaranteed to be something for every palate. "Really delicious!" The Festival takes place once a year, and admission is free.


"The lake and the mountains – what more could you want?" The alpine panorama can be enjoyed twice from the Lago di Lugano. In warm weather, those who wish to can also dangle their feet in the Lago di Lugano. "In spring, I like to treat myself to an ice cream and enjoy the view of the snow-covered mountains from the lakeside. It's a magical sight!"



Time for a little excursion: it's just 30 minutes by public transport to Ponte Tresa. A ten-minute walk will get you to the colourful stands of the market of Ponte Tresa. A market will Italian flair is held here every Saturday until 5pm. "It's the perfect place for people who love fresh fruit, vegetables, Italian cheese, sausages and meats!" But those who would rather go clothes shopping must not despair: "There are also several boutique stands with fabulous things! "I love mooching around here."


If you happen to be in Ponte Tresa anyway to visit the market, it's worth strolling through the old town afterwards. "There are lots of tiny little streets with cute cafés and a wonderful ambience. The perfect ending to an eventful day!"